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A1-Hydraulics GmbH is the official master distributor of Hydrocontrol valves from Walvoil Group. If you are looking for a specific model, please inquire via our contact form or email. We will be pleased to submit a customized offer to you.

Needless to say, our range includes valves from other well-known manufacturers such as Galtech, Badestnost and Akon or NEM and ELT Fluid, too.

3 monobloc directional control valves of the manufacturers Hydrocontrol and Walvoil

Monobloc directional control valves

Monobloc valves, as the name suggests, consist of a single cast body. This simple design makes the valves particularly robust and durable. In this category we offer valves for flow rates from 45 - 95l/min. In addition to the proven, high-quality Hydrocontrol and Walvoil monoblocks, you will also find lower-priced models from Akon and Badestnost.

Sectional valves

For applications where a monobloc valve is not an option because of its possibly limited range of functions, our product line also includes sectional valves. Due to their modular design, sectional directional valves are particularly convenient, because the number of sections and the functions can be specially adapted to the respective application. Our sectional valves are suitable for flow rates from 30 - 700l/min.

three sectional valves of the manufacturer Hydrocontrol
three different load sensing valves

Load sensing directional control valves

In addition to common "open-center" valves, we also supply load-sensing or flow-sharing valves. With these modern valves, the focus is on first-class ease of operation coupled with high energy efficiency. These valves have their advantages in more complex applications as well as in machines where speed and accuracy are of high importance.

Valves for in-line installation

Inline valves have a very wide range of applications. They are used, for example, in agricultural and forestry machinery, municipal vehicles, and in the logistics industry. The valves we sell comply with all common standards and are of the highest quality.

Valves for in-line installation include pressure valves, directional seated valves and flow-control valves, as well as check valves, load holding valves and ball valves.

Pressure valves

Pressure valves are used to influence the system pressure in certain parts of the application. A distinction is made between pressure relief valves, which protect consumers and lines from excessively high pressures, and pressure reducing valves, which provide a specific pressure for a subsection of the overall system, e.g. to actuate valves in a pilot control circuit.

Pressure relief valves

Directional seated valves

Seat valves are used to shut off a consumer or to influence the effective direction of pressure and volume flow. Commonly used in this category are electrically operated 2/2 way poppet valves and 3/2 way poppet valves, but other types of operation such as hydraulic or manual operation are also possible. A decisive advantage of poppet valves is that, due to their special design in the form of a ball or cone, they have extremely low leakage and are virtually free of leakage oil.

Directional seated valves

Flow-control valves

Flow-control valves regulate and/or limit the volume flow to the respective consumer. This group includes, among others, flow-control valves as well as flow and volume dividers. These divide the input volume flow into equally sized partial flows. Furthermore, flow-control valves include throttle check valves, which allow direction-dependent limitation of the volume flow.

Flow control valves

Shut-off valves

The group of shut-off valves includes check valves, pilot-operated check valves and shuttle valves. We stock a wide variety of shut-off valves as loose cartridges or as complete valves in housings.

different shut-off valves

Load-holding valves

Load-holding valves perform safety-related functions in numerous hydraulic applications and ensure safe and sensitive operation. Furthermore, the valves create a leakage-free shut-off, which prevents e.g. unintentional retraction of cylinders or movements of motors. With us, you will find different versions of lowering brake valves and pipe rupture safety devices.

Load-holding valves

Ball valves

Ball valves are used for manual shut-off or switching of volume flows. A distinction is made between 2-way and 3-way ball valves with a maximum operating pressure of up to 500 bar. These are available with internal thread, external thread or flange connection.

three ball valves

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