Control systems for mobile hydraulic applications 

Opinions differ on the question of choosing between cable control and radio remote control. We cannot make the decision for you, whether radio or cable, but we can advise you competently in the process of selection and offer you different options. All our products in the field of control offer ensure easy operation, safety and precision.

Our technicians will be happy to assist you with their expertise in selecting the right product. Please send us your inquiry via the contact form.

Picture of different radio remote controls

Radio remote controls

Modern radio remote controls place special emphasis on safety and ergonomics. We supply brand products from Sistematica, Scanreco and Autec, which are certified according to European safety standards. You will definitely find the right control unit for your application. With the customizable versions you have the possibility to choose between different joysticks, linear levers or other control elements.

With our radio remote controls you keep every situation under control. We offer specific models for applications in agriculture, forestry, construction, logistics & transport and shipping.

Cable controls

For applications where radio remote control is not an option, we have the right solution for you, too. Whether cabin joysticks or joysticks permanently installed in a housing, the reliable and robust controls are specially manufactured at our Radevormwald plant according to customer needs. Of course, these can also be combined with radio remote controls, so that the right type of control can be flexibly chosen according to the purpose and location of use.

As an additional service, we offer our customers the assembly of required cable harnesses to match our controls and valves. It does not matter whether it is just one or a larger number. We usually have common connectors and cables in stock and can therefore react quickly to your needs.

Cable control
Proportional amplifier

Electronic components

Technical progress is also unstoppable in mobile machinery. To support operators in the increasingly complex tasks, we offer various control systems for your hydraulic application. In addition to freely programmable controls (PLC), we also supply prefabricated modules, such as electronic overload systems, systems for monitoring hydraulic columns or machine controls.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of control elements, from simple switches and pushbuttons to joysticks with integrated control electronics. We also provide a wide range of sensors, temperature and pressure switches.

Mechanical actuators

For some applications, the classic mechanical control is the most suitable, it enjoys great popularity due to its robustness and reliability.

Indemar's control levers and Bowden cables are characterized by their durability, and are manufactured exclusively with high-quality materials in compliance with European quality standards. Our product range includes all versions of control levers as well as Bowden cables in various lengths.

Bowden cable control levers

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