System solutions for mobile hydraulics 

As a specialist for system solutions in mobile hydraulic applications, we offer you system-oriented complete systems for the control of your machine. Our system solutions function according to the "plug-and-play" principle, which means that you benefit from simple commissioning and easy operation. In the form of control units, hydraulic directional control valves or retrofit kits, our system solutions are used in forestry technology, truck and crane technology, as well as construction and agricultural machinery.

Photo of a proportional valve and two different radio remote controls
Photo of a front loader single-lever control unit with Bowden cable and operating lever

The industry solutions presented below are only examples and/or standard solutions! You need a different configuration? No problem, our technicians will be happy to analyze the requirements of your application together with you and work out a customized solution. Here, we place particular emphasis on sensitive control and optimum interaction of the components to maximize performance.

Please send us your request for the development of an individual system solution via our contact form or by email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Forestry equipment

Our system solutions are adapted to the special requirements of modern forestry machines, such as logging trucks, timber cranes and winches. One combination that is in great demand among our customers is a load-sensing capable flow-sharing valve in combination with a compatible radio remote control. Thanks to high-quality and proven radio systems as well as corresponding experience, we offer a precisely adjusted system that enables particularly accurate work.

Since we know that in forestry, in addition to sensitive operation, the working speed also counts, we rely on a valve with downstream pressure balances. The special feature of this flow-sharing technology is that even if there is an undersupply of oil, the available volume flow is divided evenly among the open consumers, thus preventing a functional standstill. Several functions can therefore be used simultaneously and independently of the load.

Back wagon lifting wood

Agricultural machinery

In the field of agricultural machinery technology, we offer a broad portfolio of system solutions. Benefit from our experience as an original equipment manufacturer in equipping tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery.

In this area, we supply, for example, single-lever control units for operating front loaders. The sets consist of a hydraulic valve specially designed for this application and the appropriate control unit. Control can be carried out manually via Bowden cables or via a modern electronic joystick control system. The compatibility of the individual components enables fast, precise work and thus increases the performance of your machine.

harvester harvesting hay

Logistics transport

In addition to small pushbutton remote controls, e.g. for dump trucks, radio retrofits for truck-mounted loader cranes are particularly in demand in this sector. The well-matched system consisting of radio remote control and electro-hydraulic actuators makes it possible to convert the existing manual hydraulics to radio control. As a result, your work gains both speed and safety!

Often, the crane driver does not have direct visual contact with the picked-up load and then works only on the call of a third party. If there is misunderstanding, this can easily lead to accidents. With the radio retrofit, the crane driver can move freely and always has visual contact with the load.

The manual operation of the crane and existing overload devices are not affected by the conversion.

Towing truck towing a car

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