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In forests and fields, robust, reliable technology that combines practical functionality and user-friendliness is essential. A high standard of safety is imperative when working with logging trucks, forestry cranes and hydraulic tools. Strong hydraulic cylinders and efficient control options are required for gripping and cutting tree trunks and branches. Well thought-out hydraulics in a solid design offer a long-lasting solution, even in tough use.

The modular design of the system solutions we offer allows easy replacement of individual components as well as effortless system expansion.

Logging truck loading logs
Picture of a harvester grapple arm in use


Before making a purchase decision, the main focus is on the machine’s handling. The system solution “Forest” turns your logging truck or forestry crane into a sensitive and efficient working tool. It consists of a proportional directional control valve from Hydrocontrol's EX38 series and a control system with a choice of radio, cable or joystick.

The EX38 hydraulic valve is constructed in sectional design, whereby it provides up to twelve functions. Due to the electro-hydraulic proportional control and the flow sharing principle, it is possible to control all functions of the forestry machine simultaneously, independent of the load and with high precision.

If the amount of oil is too low, the actuated hydraulic consumers are reduced in speed. This means that the required power of the respective functions is still kept, whereby a safe, smooth operation is ensured.

The system is designed for volume flows of up to 150 l/min and system pressures of up to 350 bar. It makes no difference whether the system is fed by a fixed pump or load-sensing pump. Commissioning your new system is extremely simple thanks to the plug & play principle.

Logging truck loading logs

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