excavator tipper in use

Construction machinery


In the construction industry, machines are often subjected to extreme loads and tight schedules. Reliable hydraulic systems are therefore crucial to ensure continuous work with high precision and performance. A wide range of different construction machines are used on a construction site, from small and maneuverable work equipment to large, heavy vehicles.

Hydraulic cylinder on a construction machine

Every system requires a well thought-out, application-specific solution. Expertise makes the difference - drawing on many years of experience, we work together with our customers to develop a customized, targeted system solution with components that are optimally matched to each other for practical use.


Valves with hydraulic pilot control are used particularly frequently in wheel loaders, excavators or dump trucks, for example, as they are especially robust, reliable and tried and tested. In this case, an RCX or RCM acts as a hydraulic pilot and, in combination with a directional control valve, ensures reliable control. In combination with suitable hydraulic cylinders from well-known manufacturers and hydraulic hoses produced by us to your specifications, the result is a reliable hydraulic system for series production that is tailored to the application. Of course, you can also obtain only individual components and spare parts from us.

Hydraulic hoses connected to a hydraulic cylinder of a front loader

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